Yesterday I visited the library and I came out empty-handed.

Yes, shocking, I know. It’s serious, or is it?

I might say that I have hundreds of unread books at home waiting for me, and that I am in the middle of reading no less than 6 books (8 if you include the Bible for which I follow a reading plan and a graphic novel I have just a few pages left of).

Let me rephrase this: I have 6 unfinished books on my nightstand, which I will probably finish one day, but none of them are grabbing my attention with passionate self-evidence. I guess that comes with going into unchartered territories. Trying new things doesn’t go easy, and as I am rather the stubborn kind, it leaves me on hot coals some times.

Here they are:

  • Molotov’s Magic Lantern by Rachel Polonsky
  • Grace for the good girl, by Emily Freeman
  • For all the tea in China, by Sarah Rose
  • Mrs. Robinson’s Disgrace, by Kate Summerscale
  • Serguei Prokofiev, a biography by Laetitia Le Guay
  • Alfred de Musset, Confessions d’un enfant du siècle

What direction should I take next? Yesterday at the library freedom of choice suddenly became overwhelming. (I have the same feeling in huge chain bookstores, all books seem equally nice until none of them stand out anymore which makes me incredibly sad). That’s why I decided not to go to the Paris international book fair held this very weekend (I don’t do well with crowds in my free time).

When in doubt, what do you do? I first thought the saying went: when in doubt, return to past success. But that doesn’t quite cut it as I’m trying hard to not read just another Agatha Christie mystery (just to name one).

Then I thought: when in doubt, try something different. This would go well with my endeavor this year. I wish I’d discover something new in territories I almost never venture into: French lit, young adult, fantasy, SF. But what? who? Return to square one.

Then I realized that the sentence I needed was: when in doubt, ask for help. I’ve seen countless lists of books that everybody should read. Do you have any recommendation of great stuff in the YA, SF, Fantasy areas? Except for the first few Harry Potter’s and the Tolkien books, I know next to nothing in these territories. Do you think, dear reader, that Twilight is worth trying?

The last idea that came to me was: when in doubt, try your luck. Alex in Leeds has applied a brilliant idea: the Book Jar. I’ll soon start to collect titles that I’ve always wished to read and create my own jar. The process itself will surely hone my appetite. Actually, I think I’ll even enlist Smithereens junior with the actual crafts side of  the project (his cutting and folding skills will get a great boost ;) !)

So, what do you do when you hit a reading slump?

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