I’m in urgent need of vacation. I know it. My head is reeling with thoughts, but I can’t really concentrate on anything, so it’s definitely a bad time for reading and writing. I can manage 3 pages of a novel, 200 words on paper… but then I just find myself procrastinating and being distracted. I’ve been meaning to find out more about some literary reviews I’ll submit to in September, but why oh why am I reading blogs instead? And then I push the wrong button and even my WordPress posts disappear. Some days I’d better stay home in bed.

On a less grouchy side, my project is now more than 23,000 words long, and I haven’t even reached the half yet. These are times where the plot thickens (I compare it to a simmering stew, when the sauce reduces, mmhh…) and choices must be made. My main character is someone I don’t completely like, as it’s often the case. He’s not particularly courageous and has a lot of failings. I don’t like to write about perfect heroes, but now I must learn to live with that guy.


3 thoughts on “Stalled?

  1. Well, congrats on getting so far into your project! I know exactly what you mean about not being able to read past the third page of your book — I hope you get out of the reading slump soon.

  2. Do you think it is the time of year? I feel as if my brain is melting and reading anything that requires much thought just isn’t working. I’m doing the blog thing too … when I really know that I’ll be happy if I’m out in my garden doing things that need doing. But no, here I sit thinking it’s too hot.

    At least your project is going well – it must be fun deciding what next will happen …even if you don’t much like your character. You can always make him do whatever you want!!

  3. Should I say I relate, or is that a given?

    Congratulations on your 23,000 words! Characters I don’t completely like are always ones I find myself so fascinated by. They really pull me in as a reader. I guess I just like to be conflicted.

    Anyway, your progress is very exciting. I hope the distractions stay away… I know how hard it is, but still.

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