I’ve been neglecting this website due to professional and home projects that take most of my days… I have a half-finished review of Roth’s American Pastoral somewhere in my USB key, as well as many many unfinished short stories that should require my whole attention, and, not to forget, a stack of envelopes for urgent urgent submissions. I’m overwhelmed.

And, as if it wasn’t enough, I find myself very ignorant this month. I discovered that I know next to nothing on: Shakespeare, Marguerite Yourcenar, Stendhal’s Lucien Leuwen, Dante’s Divine Comedy and French Revolutions. (No, this is not what Procrastination is about… this is about opening my brain to new areas, something quite healthy and addictive). 

Do I sound stressed to you? My highest wish would be a whole lazy day in bed with good books on the above subjects, followed by a slow trip to the library to find out more. And as I live in France and those things happen here, the workers’ unions have announced a general strike for Thursday and my dream has a great chance to be fulfilled soon!


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