A Weekend Celebration of Writing and Reading in France

Yesterday, Paris came to a standstill due to a massive strike and I started to breathe again. Transportation was non-existent, I had a day off and my library didn’t open (I don’t know if they were on strike too or if no employee could come to work because of the strike). Although I didn’t write much, it was great! I paused to look at the migratory birds crossing the blue sky towards Africa. I paused to enjoy the bustling street market. I paused to look at the bookshop windows. I caught up with my favourite blogs and reviews. 

This week-end, a Review Fair (as in Book Fair) will be held in Paris at L’Espace Blancs Manteaux (should any Parisian read this blog, here’s the link), where a lot of lesser-known reviews have the once-a-year opportunity to present themselves to the public. Among them, Siècle 21, which published one of my short stories in spring. I will go to find out whether any other French-speaking literary review publishes fiction. 

Oh, but, wait… I didn’t realize that Review Fair was part of a whole national manifestation called Lire en Fête (Celebrate Reading). After checking on their website, there are no less than 440 events in Paris (and a lot more in other French cities) to celebrate books, writing and reading. For example, readings by authors in public libraries, public writing exercises, a short story contest to be written during one single night (tonight from 9pm to tomorrow morning 9am)… mmh, considering my sleep deprivation I will pass on that one. 

If you’re not in France but close to a French embassy, there might be events there too (including Texas, Edimburg, London, Sidney)! 

I hope I can join some events nearby… that is, if the strike stops and public transportation starts again!


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