We interrupt this program…

The problem with a blog on reading and writing is that, when you don’t read and don’t write, what is left ? Life has taken an unexpected turn and books are more or less forced to take the backseat for the moment. Not all books, actually, just novels, because I stock more and more of a new category of books on my nightstand: What to expect when you’re expecting, The encyclopedia of pregnancy and birth, Guide of the best Paris maternity hospitals, etc. I don’t plan to review those here anyway. Style falls flat and plot is completely understated, with still possible twists towards the end. 

I was very happy to participate to a roundtable on books & blogs organized by Cam, together with Emily, Litlove and Imani. Cam will probably post the result of this great discussion next week or so (I don’t want to put any undue pressure!). One of my points was that although my blog is a place where I want to discuss books only and not my personal life, life events have an influence on my reading and writing habits, so that I can’t separate both fields in such an absolute way. I still intend to concentrate on books in this blog, but I guess my posting schedule will slow down, especially as I can’t seem to read more than 5 pages of a novel in a row without falling asleep! (strikes in France are definitely not helping either…) But because distraction and procrastination go hand in hand, I can assure you that I still read as many blogs as before! 

I hope to find some more energy in the coming weeks because I have really nice books to finish: 

  • I eventually found the Estonian novel I was looking for by Jaan Kross: Treading Air, the story of an Estonian man along the 20th century. I’m only 3 chapters in, but I like the sensitive memory of this old man looking back at his childhood in the 1920s. 
  • I also found at my local library a history book about the Jewish past of the capital of Lithuania, Vilnius. (Both books are part of my project to learn more about the Baltic countries I discovered during summer holidays – this project required extensive research). 
  • I received via Bookmooch Jane Smiley’s novel The Greenlanders and really look forward to discovering life of Danish settlers in Greenland in the Middle Ages 
  • I am really bracing to progress into Dante’s Inferno but believe me, it’s hard. The Iliad was a piece of cake, by comparison. I keep the opt-out option, maybe to switch for some Medieval stories that lured me in the library last week. 
  • “A Curious Singularity” has selected a short story by Elizabeth Taylor, “Miss A. and Miss M.” and I would be sorry to miss out (when tired the author declines all responsibility for lousy jokes).

5 thoughts on “We interrupt this program…

  1. I recently mooched Greenlanders, too. Not sure when I’ll get to it, but it does sound interesting. I take it you are reading What to Expect…, because you are expecting? Congratulations!

  2. Oh Smithereens! That’s wonderful news! Don’t worry about not reading much now – there comes a lovely few months when all you want to do is get to bed early and lie there reading. And lying around reading during the day seems a good idea too! The blogging round table was a lot of fun, wasn’t it? Take great care of yourself!

  3. It is hard to separate reading, writing and life … that is great news! I remember reading lots of pregnancy and baby books while pregnant. It seems as if it was in a different lifetime now. My son turned 15 last month. It transforms your life. I ended up reading lots of novels while nursing and when my son napped.

  4. Congratulations on your exciting news! I understand that it’s hard to separate such big life events from your reading and writing. For me, reading is often a reflection of what is going on in my life- perhaps that is why some books only work at certain times.

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