Southern Escapade

I’m off to Bordeaux for the week-end. Bordeaux is home to writers Montaigne and Mauriac, but except for the city they both have very little in common! In my bag, I bring a crime novel by Vargas (yet another — I’m definitely hooked) and a collection of short stories of James Salter.

And as soon as I come back from Bordeaux, I must let you know about my discovery of Marina Tsvetaeva (or Cvetaeva), it’s brilliant! Enjoy your week-end…


3 thoughts on “Southern Escapade

  1. A jaunt to Bordeaux sounds wonderful, especially with two of my favourite authors in tow. Is it Salter’s “Last Night” that you’re taking with you? And which Fred Vargas? I’m on to my third of hers now–I’ve forgotten the title, but it’s the one partly set in Quebec. I hope that you have a lovely weekend!

  2. Bordeaux is a nice 18C city along the river Garonne. It was nearly spring there already!

    Kate – it’s indeed Last Night I brought. I kind of knew that you would like these kinds of story, they aren’t very far from the stories you write, even if the characters don’t belong to the same world! I will review it soon.

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