A Bookish Celebration of International Women’s Day

I’m the mood for a list and rummaged the messy corners of my memory with a bit of a challenge: finding women writers from A to Z! Most of them are writers I’ve read and liked, but sometimes I had to cheat, for the sake of filling the slot… I tried to find names outside of the English world and from all times, but it’s hard. Don’t hesitate to play and suggest more! 

  • A like… Anna Akhmatova (Russia); Margaret Atwood (Canada); Jane Austen (GB) 
  • B like… The Brontë sisters (GB); Frances Burney (GB); A. S. Byatt (GB); Karen Blixen (Denmark) 
  • C like… Agatha Christie (GB) ; Colette (France) 
  • D like… Marie Darrieussecq (France) ; Joan Didion (US); Marguerite Duras (France) 
  • E like… George Eliot (GB) 
  • F like… Janet Frame (New Zealand) 
  • G like… Elizabeth Gaskell (GB); Kaye Gibbons (US) 
  • H like… Patricia Highsmith (GB); Nancy Huston (Canada); Sigrid Hustvedt (US) 
  • I like… Laura Ingalls Wilder (US) 
  • J like… Shirley Jackson (US); P. D. James (GB) 
  • K like… Agota Kristof (Hungary) even though I didn’t quite like what I tried (The Notebook) 
  • L like… Madame de La Fayette (France); Selma Lagerlof (Sweden) ; Rosetta Loy (Italy) 
  • M like… Katherine Mansfield (New Zealand); Alice Munro (Canada) 
  • N like… Amélie Nothomb (France) – I can’t say I love everything I read, but she’s quite a quirky character! 
  • O like… Nuala O’Faolain (Ireland); Joyce Carol Oates (US) 
  • P like… Sylvia Plath (US); Annie Proulx (US) 
  • R like… Ruth Rendell (GB); Jean Rhys (GB) 
  • S like… George Sand (France); Nathalie Sarraute (France); Sei Shōnagon (Japan); Jane Smiley (US) 
  • T like… Marina Tsvetaeva (Russia); Anne Tyler (US) 
  • U like… Sigrid Undset (Norway): an obvious cheat… I just read Danielle’s reviews of Kristin Lavrandsdatter and thought that I had to read it one day! 
  • V like… Zoe Valdes (Cuba) 
  • W like… Edith Wharton (US); Virginia Woolf (GB) 
  • X like… Xi Xi (Hong Kong) 
  • Y like… Banana Yoshimoto (Japan); Marguerite Yourcenar (France) 
  • Z like… Zhang Xinxin (China)

3 thoughts on “A Bookish Celebration of International Women’s Day

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  2. What a fantastic idea! And such good selections here, many of my favorites…also, couldn’t agree more with you about Amélie Nothomb.

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