A Spring Celebration For You

Isn’t it supposed to be Spring already? Around me there are a lot of contradictory signs: blooming magnolia trees (I love those!) yet sudden showers and grey skies. Streets lined with wild cherry trees in delicate pink blossoms close to my office, yet a real snowstorm this weekend to celebrate Easter!

This is definitely a weather to stay indoor, sipping hot tea and enjoying a good book… And here’s my plan for you all. Following some postal mistake, I’ve received 2 copies of Iris, by John Bayley, a loving account of Iris Murdoch’s life seen by her husband.

If you’re interested, dear readers, I’m offering my one extra copy. Just drop me a line in the comments (or through the e-mail address on the links if you’re a shy lurker) to tell me why you’d like to read this book, and on April 5th, I’ll make a lucky draw to designate the winner. 

Here are a few lines of the book to make you curious about it:

Already we were beginning that strange and beneficent process in marriage by which a couple can, in the words of A.D. Hope the Australian poet, ‘move closer and closer apart’. The apartness is a part of the closeness, perhaps a recognition of it: certainly a pledge of complete understanding. There is nothing threatening or supervisory about such an understanding […] The solitude I have enjoyed in marriage, and I think Iris too, is a little like having a walk by oneself, and knowing that tomorrow, or soon, one will be sharing it with the other, or equally perhaps again having it alone. It is a solitude, too, that precludes nothing outside the marriage, and sharpens the sense of possible intimacy with things or people in the outside world. 


One thought on “A Spring Celebration For You

  1. Ooh, that’s a beautiful quote. Alone but together, how gorgeous.

    I won’t sign up for Iris, thanks, as I have it, but I look forward to hearing more from you on it.

    We have also had a white Easter. It’s been interesting. My kids had their egg hunt amidst falling flakes.

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