Belated ‘Fess up Friday

In my defense, I just joined on Thursday…

What I did do:

  • unload my USB key where I keep piles of drafts into my computer and sort them all out to keep only the latest draft of each.
  • gather all my notebooks where I scribbled notes during my commute and try to make out what notes belong to what story (I definitely have issues with finishing any story, so I have many of them developing in parallel, or all equally stuck, if I’m honest)
  • wonder where some paragraphs have been written down, as I remember them and was sure that they had to be somewhere but couldn’t find them either on paper or on file… it may well be that I dreamt them during my bouts of insomnia (frustrated grumble)

 What I did not do:

  • erh… actually write?
  • choose which story I should tackle first
  • type all the scribbled notes… now it seems quite a hassle

Sure, I can do better than this next week. Ah, procrastination… Thanks, Litkitten, for this great initiative!


3 thoughts on “Belated ‘Fess up Friday

  1. This is a great idea, I signed up as well. And it will be great to support each other as we all struggle with scheduling and finding the time to write! Hope this week has been more productive!

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