Short and Belated ‘Fess Up Friday

Oh-hum, it seems that I never manage to post on time for the ‘Fess Up Friday challenge, brilliantly launched by Litkitten… I thought of some lame excuse, that because of time zone some of you may still read this on a Friday, but it is pretty lame indeed. Better call this ‘Fess Up Saturday in my case! I would like to say that I work better under deadlines, but as you see, I’m not really good at keeping deadlines either!


As for writing this week, I’ve done some progress but definitely not as much as I would like. I selected 2 short stories nuggets that I want to develop. The first one’s working title is Soap (until a better idea comes up) and it’s for the moment a mere pitiful 388 words long. The main protagonist is a young girl who’s invited for a PJ party at a rich girl’s place. The idea is to keep it just a few pages long, but I still haven’t quite decided where I want to go.


The second one is called Wedding Game for the moment. It’s the text I’ve done most progress on during the week. It’s 913 words long (I love MS Word counting feature, I use it all the time!) The main protagonist is definitely someone not quite friendly, but I like writing that kind of characters. He’s more or less obliged to replace his brother as the MC at a wedding party.


I’ve discovered that I work better when I have no internet distraction nearby and am in a calm, bookish environment… that is at the local public library! Fortunately there aren’t many people occupying the student desks during weekdays so I can stay for hours there and all the librarians are very friendly (besides, there’s a small supermarket right across the street, should I need things to eat and drink). I’ll go back there next week!


Happy weekend to you all!


4 thoughts on “Short and Belated ‘Fess Up Friday

  1. You’re here, you’re writing, that’s what matters! And I also find I write far better and with more concentration, far far away from the Internet. That’s why I love my writing cafe.

  2. Ditto on what Charlotte said!

    I also agree re the Internet — it’s so easy to be distracted, isn’t it?

    Glad you are on board!

  3. Hooray for 913 words! I am impressed with your ability to work in a public place. I can’t get anything much done if I’m not at my own desk at home. Funny how people have such different writing habits.

    Keep up the good work!

  4. These stories sound very interesting. And I love your writing place. Where I work, the internet comes on only intermittently, so I pretty much can ignore it. It’s better that way.

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