‘Fess Up Friday

Miracles happen… I’m on time to report for LitKitten’s Fess Up Friday, and yes… I wrote this week. I even might write a little more tonight, but I have to leave for the Leche League meeting so I’d better sum the week up right now.


On the writing front, I’m not quite sure yet where I’m going but the most important thing is that the story moves and kicks, just like the baby in my belly. It more than doubled in size, from 913 words last week to 2285 words! I’m close to the half of the story now, but the most difficult part for me is always the end. So I hope I won’t lose momentum, all the more as I’m not quite sure what kind of final impression I want to convey.


I don’t know about other writers out there, but I basically have all the facts of my story lined up in my mind, but not really a set meaning for it all. Something clicked in my mind early on to make me want to tell this particular story, but then what will other people see in it? I don’t like to use the word “moral” for a story, but basically at this stage I still don’t know what the conclusion would be, or even why at the end the reader might find the story worthwhile. Facts are highly malleable, I can turn them one way or another. Do I want my unsympathetic narrator to redeem himself at the end? Mmh, I don’t think so. Or I can make him act like a real jerk, but then readers will be upset and think they’ve wasted their time following him. Total creative freedom is hard, isn’t it?


3 thoughts on “‘Fess Up Friday

  1. A growing story is so fabulous to be in the middle of. (And I am very excited about that baby-to-be!)

    As for meaning in stories — well, I think the best stories reveal themselves through the story itself, if that makes sense, which it might not, because i seldom think about this kind of thing.

    I want to know more about this subject, though, so hope you write about what you decided in the end on this one.

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