Fess Up Friday

My, is it already Friday? With Mr. Smithereens not working this week and several prenatal courses and check-ups to attend, I didn’t see time fly by. It’s really amazing how soon I managed to forget everything about work… I did some progress on my short story this week, adding some 1000 words (it’s now four pages long). I have not taken any decision on the ending yet, but I hope to tackle it next week (Procrastinator is my middle name, we’ll see next Friday).


Oh, and, I’m not writing this to get unwanted attention, increased blog traffic and stupid spams from all over the planet, but I wrote a sex scene, which was a complete necessity for the plot and a very awkward moment for me, all the more as the narrator is a man (and I’m not, in case you’re wondering). I wanted it to be as explicit as possible because the narrator is a person who doesn’t want to deal with emotions and who stays rather on the surface, but I didn’t want it to be mechanical either. I just took a deep breath and wrote it in one go, and I don’t want to look at it again before I’ll finish the whole story and start the editing/review process.


It’s the most difficult part of choosing a person of the opposite gender as your main point of view, I guess. Well, it could be worse: my character is very shy, so I don’t have to go to great lengths to explain how he manages to date the girl: she basically throws herself at him. I could never write a first-person account of a womanizer, for example, mainly because I’ve never met that many in my life and don’t want to make extensive research. I wonder how other writers deal with it.


On other writing topics, I could add that – in the process of under the pretext of tidying up Baby Smithereens’ future room – I found all my notes written 2-3 years ago on a historical (possibly Gothic) novel I was planning at that time. The novel never made it on paper because I got derailed by research: I learnt a lot about fishing and farming in the mid-19C, and how to churn butter by hand (which I hope I could see one day in real life). Mmh, it still interests me, but I’m not sure I can get any closer to the writing step of the project. What do you think? Is it too late to try CPR on a dead yet promising project?


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