Time to ‘Fess Up

I hardly realize it’s been another week: I didn’t do much writing though, because my brain is quite mushy these days (possible excuses: sultry weather + baby stealing my neurons? – not really good enough, I can’t blame him for everything!). I spent most of my “intellectual” time reading and listening to audio-books while stitching and sewing a soft toy for the baby, which was fun. I received wonderful, helpful criticism for my short story by blog-friends (who know who they are – may they be thanked once again!), but didn’t manage to come up with corrections just yet.

On the longer project (which I’ll call Seaside for the moment), it took me a long time to compare versions written in 2005 and come up with one I’ll work on. I’ve decided to patch all the pieces (those bits and pieces I’ve recovered from longhand notes) into the existing frame, even if they’ve got holes and inconsistencies. And I spent some time on the internet making research notes about fishing communities around 1850, especially the seasonal voyages from Europe to Newfoundland. This should be the background of the story: an English village on the seashore, deserted by all men who’ve gone North for the fishing season. Now, I just need to write it down!


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