Smithereens junior

As Smithereems Junior was born monday evening, Mrs Smithereens will not write any comment here for a few days.

She has taken a few books with her at the hospital where she will stay for a week but I am not sure she will be ready to write a comment on them when she will be back home.

Surely she will send a new comment at the end of next week…maybe on why choosing the 1st name of the hero of one of her favourite novels for her child.. Good luck for him ?

Mr Smithereens (on Mrs Smithereens ‘ s behalf)


15 thoughts on “Smithereens junior

  1. Congratulations, mom and dad Smithereens! I’d been waiting for this announcement. I hope Mrs Smithereens and Smithereens Junior are both doing well.

  2. Yay and hooray to the whole Smithereens family! Thrilled to hear that Smithereens Junior has arrived safely and that all is well. Big virtual hugs from Germany …

  3. I wondered when it became very quiet here if Baby Smithereens decided it was time to make an appearance. Congratulations to you both and very best wishes!

  4. Thanks everyone for your good wishes! We’re both home now and Baby Smithereens is thriving (especially at nights when his parents would like to rest 😉 ). I’ll keep you posted whenever possible…

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