Internet Break (or Breakdown)

Just to let you know that I won’t be around regularly for a while (I can sneak in some blog reading in my lunch pause but no actual writing). Here’s the situation…

Step 1- Our home internet connection died, mostly due to my prehistoric computer. Long sessions with the very helpful hotline guy could not restore it.

Step 2- After many sighs and a lot of procrastination, Mr. Smithereens and I decided that it was maybe a sign that we should buy a new computer…

Step 3- More dithering, having heard many bad things about Windows Vista

Step 4- More dithering, due to all the bills accumulating at the end of the year and our unwillingness to spend a huge amount of money on something not really as good as we could wish (see previous step)

Step 5- More dithering, due to our lack of courage to face young, friendly but nonetheless perplex salespeople who can’t understand that we don’t use the computer to view movies, play games and download digital pictures (not to mention porn) but to write short stories and read blogs, so that we need something definitely less complex and expensive than what they have in mind for us (see previous step)

Step 6- More dithering, due to a few days’ leave where we won’t be at home and certainly not in a computer shop either.

What about I try yet another session with the internet hotline guy? In the meantime, I’ll be gone for a long weekend with Mr. S and Baby S. in tow and we will visit La Rochelle. I certainly plan to read and write, but as I exchanged my two last writing sessions for a nap, I’m not too sure how much actual reading and writing will get done. Have a nice week everyone!


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