Getting Real

Two days ago I received a parcel from the US. A book! A present! And best of all, it comes from one of the people listed in my blogroll… I’m so grateful to her.

For a long time I was slightly doubtful of the relationships we develop in this strange, invisible world of blogs. How can we truly care for people we’ve never met (maybe won’t ever meet?) and don’t even know the appearance, occupation or even real name? We say “we can’t judge a book by its cover”, but isn’t it what we all do in the real world? I had the first real hint that I was wrong when I was overwhelmed by emotion after reading your kind messages after Baby Smithereens’ birth. And once again, two days ago, when the book was in my hands, the blog-world didn’t seem virtual anymore and the friendships we develop through this new media proved as valuable as the other ones. Thanks again!


3 thoughts on “Getting Real

  1. I’ve had the same experiences as you have. I would never have believed I would ‘meet’ people virtually and consider them my friends, but I know some of the nicest people via the blogosphere and I bet if I had a problem I could ask for help and several would offer their assistence! And I have had people kindly pass along to me books or needlework supplies just out of kindness, so I am happy to pass along a (hopefully) good mystery to a fellow mystery lover! By the way–I love the snow–very festive! 🙂

  2. Book bloggers are the nicest people ever, I reckon. I always feel so bad when I fall behind in my blog reading, as I sometimes do, because I never want any of my virtual friends to think they mean less to me than flesh and blood ones.

  3. Being nice in the virtual world seems easy when you rarely post and comment. That’s the continuous support and presence on the web that makes it even more precious to me, because that’s the virtual equivalent of a friendly ear that listens and a friendly shoulder to lean on.

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