Out of the 4 listed in my previous post, I finished 3 books just in time… The Yourcenar was quite harduous but I hope to continue with this author in 2009. And I absolutely enjoyed Molly Panter-Downes’s short story collection and Sarah Stewart Taylor’s mystery, each in its particular style. I didn’t finish Rachel Cusk’s Arlington Park, but its mood is quite dark and depressed: I just need more time, reading it in installments during my commute, otherwise it will become overwhelming.

All that means 3 reviews to write during the holidays, which sounds easy, but with a 6-month-old in tow (read: in my arms), I only have time for a “quickpress” post. Baby Smithereens wants to enjoy his mommy full time during the holidays! I still manage to sneak in some reading time (mostly during naps), but hardly any writing or blog reading. I’m engrossed in a regional mystery: Une nuit de Carnaval, by Christophes Lecoules, which happens during Dunkirk Carnival, a totally ribald tradition in this northern industrial French city. As I come from this region, I really enjoy this mystery and it’s hard to leave the book!

I hope you all enjoy 2008 last day and I look forward to hearing from you next year! Best wishes!


One thought on “4-1

  1. A very happy New Year to you, M. Smithereens and bebe Smithereens too! I found it hard to even get any reading done with a 6-month old so you are doing tremendously well to get some quick posts in! I have never much liked Rachel Cusk’s fiction, but her account of the early months of motherhood, A Life’s Work, was just wonderful. Do read that if you can.

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