VQR Giveaway

Because our bookshelves are getting crowded (once again), I’m giving away the 4 last year issues of Virginia Quarterly Review. (I can’t mooch them because they don’t have ISBN!) VQR is University of Virginia’s journal. It presents original fiction, visual art and poetry as well as compelling pieces of non-fiction you’ll rarely get anywhere else. I really enjoyed reading these issues, but I just can’t keep them all!

Fall 07 issue: South America in the 21st century

Winter 08 issue: Iraq and Afghanistan, and with a great essay by Roberto Bolano “The corridor with no apparent exit”

Spring 08 issue: Superhero Stories

Summer 08 issue: No Way Home, Outsiders and Outcasts: on Southern communities affected by Katrina, but also on the role of outcast communities in the Middle East, in Bulgaria, in India etc.

Because the books are heavy, I’ll give one copy per person, but I am willing to send to remote countries at economy rates (you only need to be patient!). Do leave a comment or send me a mail!


5 thoughts on “VQR Giveaway

  1. I would like to put my hand up for Fall 07 or Winter 08, but I would love to mooch something with you, Smithereens, if that were possible? Is there any UK book/magazine I can get for you in return?

  2. If you don’t have takers for all of ’em by Tuesday (when I’ll be back at work), e-mail me and I’ll track down the ISBNs for them. We print the ISBNs on the display copies, for stores, but it’s just so ugly that we produce them as a separate print run so that everybody else can have an unmarred version. 🙂

  3. Litlove- That’s really kind of you to offer (although I’ll never manage to empty my bookshelves by accepting 😉 ). If you can find a cheap paperback or a second-hand edition of either Josipovici (any title you like) or Rachel Cusk’s Life’s work, which you both highly recommended, I’d be very happy to read them. (Josipovici is virtually unknown over here)

    Waldo- Thanks a lot for your offer, I’ll certainly email you. It’s always difficult for me to part with books/journals and I hope they’ll find a kind new owner!

  4. I am always game for trying something new and I am trying to vary my reading, so if there are no other takers I would love to receive either the Winter 08 or the Summer 08 issue. And don’t worry: no need to send to Armenia, Holland will do just fine as I’ll be heading there for vacation soon anyway.

  5. I’m also very interested in a copy. I would prefer the Winter issue since I am dying to read the two Bolano essays but it seems that issue is popular!

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