Do You Know Haibun?

I love to learn new things (if I could, I would register in every possible class: languages, skills, arts- in real life, I never do because I have so little time). So I was thrilled to learn about the Haibun genre through Anne Brooke’s blog. I readily confess I ignored even the existence of Haibun, which turns out to be combination of haikus and prose. It looks like it’s more a short short fiction than any longer piece. Ink Sweat and Tears, a webzine of poetry and prose, is the first place where I read them, but apparently the style goes all the way back to 17th century Master Basho. I got interested in haikus, but decided early on that I was bad at writing poetry, all the more with style constraints. But I love to read them!


2 thoughts on “Do You Know Haibun?

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