I ought to write about Siri Hustvedt’ essay collection, but I’m currently in one of those writing and reading air pockets, a kind of stupor, or literary SAD, also linked to my current work overload.

I feel like writing but as soon as I face a keyboard or a notebook, no word comes out of my brain. And I don’t feel particularly excited about any book I pick up. As far as I see in the small lit blog world of my blogroll, I’m not the only one, so I guess it will pass (when in an airplane I just close my eyes and wait until the turbulence is over, I unfortunately can’t do the same in real life)… especially as I’ll be in holidays in 2 ½ weeks’ time (insert here a little happy dance).

For the writing crisis, I keep my little daily gratitude list (especially as the list grows, it feels good to reread previous entries). As for the reading blah, I took drastic measures: I left all wishy-washy and started A Fatal Inversion by Barbara Vine, which everybody (including Danielle and Mr. Smithereens) agreed to say it’s just great. I need greatness.

5 thoughts on “Blah

  1. Poor Smithereens – it’s that time of year, isn’t it? I feel a lot the same. It seems to me a long, long while since I wrote anything I liked the look of, and although I’ve read some good books, I’ve read nothing great. Perhaps I should pick up Barbara Vine too.

  2. I know what you mean. My reading is going just fine, but my writing is nowhere to be found. I don’t know, I just can’t get to sit down and focus these days. As work is slowing down I have started to write at the office, at least getting draft blogposts done and catching up with emails to friends. At home I am just not getting anything done for whatever reason.

    Don’t worry, we’ll still be waiting here whenever your reading/writing slump ends.

  3. I hope those 2 1/2 weeks fly by! A vacation sounds wonderful. I’ve been feeling a little bit off in my reading too — I’ve read good things, but nothing astounding, and I want that feeling back! Well, I’m enjoying Bel Canto a lot now. Maybe that book will change things.

  4. Well I’m glad it’s not just me feeling blah about reading and writing. Working in this summer heat is sapping my energy, and I could really do with another week off and a beautifully engrossing book. Hope you have a fabulous holiday. Happy dance indeed!

  5. Yes, this does happen periodically, doesn’t it? I wish I knew what to do, but it always seems a little different, each time it happens.

    But I did want to get back to you and tell you I enjoyed the Molly Panter-Downes stories — thank you for writing about them. I’d never have seen them if you hadn’t

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