Josipovici crossed the Channel (and other reading updates)

Yesterday a bubble envelop came to my doorstep… guess what, a book! And no other than Josipovici’s In a Hotel Garden, courtesy of one good virtual friend. Josipovici is virtually unknown here in France, not stocked by bookshops, even big online ones! Even trickier, there seems to be an Albert Josipovici, and a Jean Josipovici, but no Gabriel! As everyone in the little book blog world has been so enthusiastic about his novels, I felt I was missing something. Here’s my chance to catch up on it.

Also, as I have had very limited time for internet and books in March, I’m in the mood for a lot of posts and a lot of new books, but let’s be realistic: I’m already reading 3+1 books concurrently, and more would be a stretch.

– On my night stand: Ethan Canin’s Carry Me Across Water (after the great Palace Thief) with a complex main character

– Under the bed, as a comfort read when I’m too tired for Canin’s narrative: Fred Vargas’ Three Evangelists. Vargas is my secret addiction. Now the whole blog world out there knows it. Shh…

– In my handbag for my commute: The Prime of Miss Brodie by Muriel Spark. This is a complete discovery on my side, the first Muriel Spark’s I try, and I’m really enjoying it.

– From the library, and soon due back: Henry James complete collection of short stories. You can well imagine that I shan’t read that hefty book from cover to cover in one go, but I plan to pick one or two stories, and borrow it again later.

Have a nice weekend!


4 thoughts on “Josipovici crossed the Channel (and other reading updates)

  1. I love Muriel Spark and have read The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie a few times. The movie is also really good. I need to read Gabriel Josipovici this year as well, and have one of his books sitting by my bed. And I still need to read the Fred Vargas book you sent (also sitting by my bed). Alas, I have too many books already started to start anymore, but I will get to these!

  2. I’m joining you in Vargas-love. I’ve got two more on my shelves (but I am too lazy to go check the titles). I’m also looking forward to trying Ethan Canin and I do love Muriel Spark. Here’s hoping you enjoy Josipovici – you know I love him!

  3. Joipovici is wonderful, you will love him! And Miss Brodie is a book I enjoyed very much. I have n ot read Vargas though and I can see from your post and the comments I am going to need to make a point to.

  4. I have my first Josipovici waiting for me as well and am planning to dip in this weekend! He’s hard to find en Suisse as well – strange!

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