We Interrupt This Program For Some Pictures

As requested…

On your left, Cotswolds villages: charming honey-stoned cottages, footpaths across the soft hills, 15th Century churches with gorgoiles and Gothic churchyards (not to mention clotted cream teas…)

On your right, Bath and dignified Georgian townhouses, Jane Austen and spa water from the Pump room (not to forget Sally Lunn buns…)

What would you vote for?


4 thoughts on “We Interrupt This Program For Some Pictures

  1. Glad you posted pictures. I love the fact that in the picture of the river, there is an older lady seated on a bench reading. Seems stereotypically British to me. 🙂

  2. In terms of food, I’d go for the clotted cream, in terms of views I might have to opt for Bath. Lovely photos. If I click my heels together three times do you think I can wish myself into those photos? I can fantasize anyway! Btw–can you email me your mailing address–your name came up for the bookmark! 🙂 Thanks for sharing vacation photos!

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