Brentano’s Paris Victim of the Recession

A stunning piece of news this morning: The famous old American bookstore in Paris, Brentano’s, opened in 1895 and set on the prestigious Avenue de l’Opéra, closed its doors, a collateral damage linked to the recession. They couldn’t afford the steep increase of their lease and were put into liquidation. Their landlord was BNP Paribas bank. The store was a great place to buy books of course, but also crafts (patchwork) and Christmas ornaments. It was a landmark bookstore for foreigners as well as internationally-minded Parisians, as much as Shakespeare and Co., Galignani’s and WHSmith. I rather patronized the latter because of their huge stock (shame on me), but I will miss this relaxed place where the staff was very friendly.


4 thoughts on “Brentano’s Paris Victim of the Recession

  1. How sad. I visited the Shakespeare & Co in Vienna quite often (though I could never afford the English language books–too pricey for me at the time–only was able to make the occasional splurge). I far prefer places like Brentanos over chains–in my city we are pretty much only left with chains.

  2. So sad! when I was a student in paris I used to visit and pretend I had enough money to go home with a huge stack of books. The store and the staff were lovely.

  3. Litlove, I guess they were trying to keep with the old receipe, but there is no way they could cope with their rent being more than doubled. The Avenue de l’Opera is a premium location, and I was hoping they could just relocate elsewhere instead of closing down…

    Danielle, how sad that you don’t have any indie bookstore in your city anymore! If I had money, I would like to open and run such a place, but it’s just a dream.

    Verbivore – hopefully there are still several other indie bookstores in Paris now that you have more money to afford those huge stacks of books!

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