New Series : Indie Bookshops I Love #2

I already posted about it more than 2 years ago, but the memory of this particular bookstore remains vivid, despite the time and distance.

Munro’s Books in Victoria, British Columbia was indeed a great discovery while we were cruising this beautiful country. It’s set in Government Street, in the heart of Victoria’s old town, in a great historical building from early 1900s, set for the Bank of Canada. It’s all in pristine white with a high ceiling and with 8 large contemporary textiles art pieces designed by local artist Carol Sabiston in the shape of windows, it looks like a great temple of literature.

At the time of our visit I just marvelled at the coincidence that this fine place was called Munro’s, while my favourite Canadian writer (also from British Columbia) is Alice Munro. But it’s no coincidence, as Alice Munro and her husband, back in the 1960s, set up a small bookshop (in another, less grand location) that was to become the bookstore we visited.

They have a great selection of books, and an amazing Canadian range, along with a shelf dedicated to literary reviews. There I bought an issue of Grain magazine, and I browsed extensively through other titles I like such as Subterrain or Prairiefire.

Judging from their extensive collection, this is not only a great bookshop for tourists swarming through Old Victoria, but a serious place for fiction and non-fiction alike. If you are in British Columbia, don’t miss this great bookstore!

In addition, here is a nice article from the New York Times Travel pages about Munro’s Vancouver (although she didn’t really like it while she was there)


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