09/09/17 Some things that make me smile

  • An unknown baby (about 4-6 months old) in her stroller at the zebra crossing, who smiles at me
  • A notice at the door of the (closed) driving school we pass by every morning: “End of the renovation works: Sept 29, Inch’ Allah” — it’s so true that having repairs done these days depends so much on God’s will!
  • My new colleague who is so dynamic and optimistic
  • Knowing that I’ll leave work early tomorrow afternoon
  • Juicy, fresh figs bursting and melting in my mouth
  • Seeing my mother coo over my son
  • Wearing a suit at work that is neither black, navy, grey or beige, but- shocking blue-green!
  • The new mystery I’m reading during my commute: The War against Miss Winter, by Kathryn Miller Haines. A sample of her witty heroine’s talk:

When I started, there were only two employees, Jim Mc Cain, owner and operator (and, I assumed, the “& Son” of the title) and his secretary, a well-preserved middle-aged doll I eventually learned was named Agnes, but was usually referred to as honey, baby or cupcake. Ss much joy as Agnes brought into Jim’s life, at some point he figured out that he couldn’t function in an office where the only alphabetical thing was the soup. That’s why he hired me.”

Welcome to the 1940s in New York! I can’t wait to be sitting in my train to follow her breezy girl’s adventures between theater auditions and serious detection!


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