A Linky Post

I rarely (if ever) do this, because I rarely have time to stroll around towards new directions in Internet (isn’t it terrible that I found myself in such a routine while the web is so… well… wide ?) But today I have no energy for reviews (is it the flu shot? The end-of-year blues? The pre-xmas exhaustion? The lack of sunlight?) and I wouldn’t want to inflict a post wallowing in self-pity.

The Guardian praises award-winning female short story writers of 2009 and gives out 6 names to discover : Alice Munro, Mavis Gallant, Lorrie Moore, Helen Simpson, Grace Paley and Katherine Mansfield. Great, I’ve never read anything by Helen Simpson!

Related to The Women Unbound Challenge, an interesting short reflection on why women are “good at” short stories. “Naturally, as is always the case when it comes to women excelling in a field, everyone is on the hunt for a reason.” Then traditional reasons are mentioned. But next: “Perhaps, then, the real question isn’t why women are winning prizes for their short stories, but why they are less likely to win them for novels. One possibility is that when women tackle the domestic sphere on the grander scale, their efforts tend to be packaged as “women’s fiction” (for marketing purposes) and dismissed accordingly. Short stories, on the other hand, are famously uncommercial […]”

An old article from The New York Times follows the footsteps of Edith Wharton across Paris. Wharton’s Paris is not mine (well, if I only could afford it), but these places are all familiar and the description of her love affair with Morton Fullerton in museums, public gardens and grandiose apartments suddenly make these places steamier in my mind. It’s good to be sometimes reminded that the place I live in is glamorous (routine makes it easy to forget), and is the place where so many of Wharton’s stories take place.

Then, yesterday I had a moment of pure, mind-blowing awe when Sylvia (from the Classical Bookworm) showed me the universe. I’m no science buff, and I don’t usually get interested in things like astronomy, but this… wow… I still gaze at this picture in wonder. “Hubble Ultra Deep Field: This is what they saw when they pointed the Hubble Space Telescope at an “empty” patch of sky: over 10,000 galaxies never seen before.” I don’t have words for this. I guess I must leave you to it. Have a nice weekend!

PS. Do you feel any different? I’m on my brand new computer right now. I’m quite excited with this pre-xmas present to myself!


One thought on “A Linky Post

  1. Ah, something felt a little different and I couldn’t quite put my finger on it until you mentioned the new computer. Thanks for the interesting links and have fun with your new toy!

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