Snowed Under… With Books ! (And A Freebie!)

One of the good things about February (on top of Candlemas’ pancakes, Valentine’s dinner and Chinese New Year) is that it’s my birthday. And one of the good things about blogging (on top of making new friends and sharing great book tips) is that Mr. Smithereens is very much aware of what titles I covet. Oh my… did he read well! You should have seen the great stack he produced from under the bed! (it was so high I wonder how I didn’t feel it through the mattress). He was right on for every title he chose, and a little too much even!

– Josephine Tey, The Franchise Affair: right after Brat Farrar and The Daughter of Time. I was lurking on Bookmooch to get this title as soon as it would be available… but no need anymore now!

– Kathryn Miller Haines, The Winter of her Discontent. I’d been hooked to the first mystery and I’m so happy to be able to read about Rosie Winter again!

– One very serious-looking anthology of British literature by 3 university professors (Laroque, Morvan and Topia). Because I complained that I had no formal Brit lit education. Now I have no excuse anymore. This collection has always pictures of the teachers in shirts and ties on the cover, it’s a bit intimidating!

– Danielle Dufay, Mon mariage chinois : Lettres de Chine, 1922-1924 : Mr. Smithereens remembers that we heard about this book on radio –I personally don’t, but this story of a young French woman in the 1920s falling in love for a Chinese man and following him to his country, sounds fascinating!

– Le Brocart [silk brocade], a Japanese novel in letters by Miyamoto Teru, because I’d said I wanted to read Japanse literature for quite a while.

– A graphic novel by Posy Simmonds, Gemma Bovary. Because I had enjoyed so much the adaptation (transposition) of Far from the Madding Crowds, Tamara Drewe.

– A collection of short stories by Dorothy Parker previously un-translated into French.

– Leonard Michaels, Sylvia… I was so excited upon learning of this new publication in French that, yes, I bought it already, unaware that Mr. Smithereens had gotten a copy as well. I end up with 2 Sylvias… in French. If anyone is interested (and fluent in French, I guess), please drop me a line in the comments and I’ll gladly send you the extra copy.

And there was 2 DVDs as well, one being the Cranford sequel I didn’t even know existed. A few brilliant Gaskell evenings are to be scheduled soon!

As if it wasn’t enough, I also got three more books from my family:

  • Le Quart [The Watch] by a Greek poet, Nikos Kavvadias, apparently a very dark novel published in 1954.
  • Mardochée Naggiar, enquête sur un inconnu, by Lucette Valensi: an investigation on a mysterious Jew living between Paris, Tunisia and Triest between the late French Revolution and the Napoleon Empire.
  • A biography of the man who inspired Sherlock Holmes, an Edinburgh doctor called Dr. Joseph Bell, by Ely Liebow.

6 thoughts on “Snowed Under… With Books ! (And A Freebie!)

  1. Would you consider sending that copy of Sylvia to the States? Now don’t laugh too hard — I read French much better than I speak it. I don’t even think that I attempted to speak in French when we met, did I? Ah, yes, that was intended, as I can not begin to do justice to the beauty of the French language. You would have covered your ears and been worried that I would pierce Baby Smithereens’s ear drums. Many people in the States would say that people from my part of the country don’t do any favors to the English language either! I was looking for something in French the other day, but the only thing that I can find in bookstores here are copies of Candide, Tartuffe, Le Petit Prince, or Huis Clos — all things I read in school. I’ll gladly send you something in English in exchange.

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