My « Ten Years Ago » Project

I always blame myself for reacting too late to good ideas. I remember the name of my neighbour right after the door has closed; I discover my most brilliant idea right after I’ve sent my e-mail to the project manager; I read popular books months after everybody gushed about it; I’m a late-adopter for hi-fi, phone and computer stuff; I try summer recipes of magazines when fall has come and gone; I finish Christmas red-and-white stitching projects on the beach… Courtney had an excellent idea, and I’m starting my own project inspired by her right after she decided to take a long blog holiday. Sigh…

She decided to write 200 things she loved about the city where she lives (Pittsburgh) – and I found this an awesome idea, not for the city I live in right now (Paris), but for the city where I was ten years ago and the life I had there, in Hong Kong. That would rejoin with the Alphabet History project of some other bloggers (Charlotte, Elizabeth from Fog City Writer, Jadepark ) where they write short essays or memoirs around a theme starting with A, B, C, until the end of the alphabet. But my project is less about putting memory into boxes than celebrating that period of my life. It’s dizzying how much it changed within this decade; it almost feels like a dream. I will aim for 100 things, and who knows where it will bring me?

Since it’s not exactly in my “Reading and Writing” usual field and it’s more personal, I’ll use a password for these posts, to protect them against spamming and copying. The password is available upon request for those who might be interested and who’d like a change of scenery in their reading. You don’t need to know me in real life to get it: if you’re a regular reader, don’t hesitate to ask me for a password!


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