Is it all a hormone thing?

Alright, this post is girls territory.

I was going to brag and pat myself on the back for all the writing I’d done last week. I was going to say something along the lines that writing begets writing, that it’s not so difficult to write when you just keep writing, no matter what. I had been successful for 3 weeks to write more than 250 words a day, and I felt wings growing. My mind was full of ideas of posts and I actually managed to sit down to write them.

Yet, all of a sudden, the very next day, everything came to an halt. Then I got my period.

I discovered a very strange pattern, as if I was PMS-ing with words. On top of being moody and craving for carbs, that is. I’m more and more creative in the 2 weeks before the D-day. The closer I approach the day, the more committed I actually become to my writing projects. I am bubbly with ideas. And then, bam, the inspiration dries up and I have not the very least idea of what to write. And even, what for.

So I wonder, is it just me? If my writing is just the result of disorderly hormones, what does it say about my commitment to writing? When we hear that writers feel the need to write whatever the circumstances, does it apply to people who feel that urge just two weeks a month? If I was taking drugs to soothe my mood swings, would I still be writing? I doubt it. When I was expecting Baby Smithereens, I found nothing to write for months, literally. My head was empty. I had lost all my words.

Yet, even as I’m complaining right now (all hormones, I tell’ ya), I quietly reached the 250 words milestone once again. As the saying goes, the worst is not certain. Perhaps I just need to believe in my own writing.


3 thoughts on “Is it all a hormone thing?

  1. The important thing is to outlive it. After menopause your emotions smooth out. I don’t say they are better or worse or more or less appropriate or productive — they just have lower bumps and shallower hollows.

    Which makes me wonder about men. Are they stuck full on or full off and does it ever change?

    With the writing, you might ask yourself if you are writing mostly out of emotional need to express or because you want to create the content. Up to a certain age I could write poetry, but it doesn’t come any more. Other writing projects are actually easier, perhaps because I have greater clarity.

    Life is a buzz. Enjoy it.

  2. Thanks for your bits of wisdom, Silverseason! I do wonder about men too. Ah, this mysterious continent…
    It’s very interesting to separate content creation from emotional need. The few bits of poetry I wrote were out of emotions, but I thought that the rest was more “rational”. Perhaps it’s not that clear.

  3. This happens to me, too! I am a fountain of inspiration the day my period ends, for about two weeks, then it starts to fade. Then the week before I get my period, I can’t concentrate. Then I get it, and I can’t write at all. So annoying. Having tried low-dose antidepressants to smooth things out, I can say it helps. Not completely but it helps.
    I also could not write a word while I was pregnant. Very weird. I drew and painted instead. Hormones are so, so strange.

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