The Year Our Library Closed

Since June 1st, we’re officially library-less. Our beloved neighbourhood branch has closed down for a year of renovation. If there isn’t too much delay, they will be open again in April next year. It seems like an eternity! And it’s not even a fortnight since they closed. How will we survive?

Luckily for them, the staff are relocated to other branches while the project is underway. We haven’t found another branch yet, that would suit our schedule and needs (not too far and a large choice of books, music and children’s books). We went cold turkey (i.e. brought back all our books) before the holidays, so for the moment being, we don’t quite feel the strain… yet.

But I’m checking Bookmooch lists like a famished dog… It will be a long year indeed. The only good thing, I have no excuse not to tackle that TBR pile, like Emily urged us to! (unless I just give up and buy plenty of new ones?)


4 thoughts on “The Year Our Library Closed

  1. How awful! I’ll be updating my bookmooch list soon (I’ll try to do it before the weekend) so if anything looks interesting let me know and I’ll send it right away. I have a huge stack of books I’ve been meaning to add.

  2. I feel your pain. My branch library has been closed since October for renovations and won’t reoopen until January 2011! Argh! It helps that I work in a library but still, it’s an academic library and they don’t always have the more popular reading materials I might desire.

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