A Listless List State of Mind

Summer is here… My office feels more and more deserted, not to mention hot (in France, a lot of people take their holidays beginning on the national day of July 14, and the rest choose August) – yet here I am for another 3 1/2 weeks. The motivation is indeed frail under these circumstances, even after a cup of coffee or two.

So I’m inclined to borrow memes and ideas from blogs I love. Emily’s True Confessions Meme cracked me up, and Grad’s attempt to tame her inner blog monster with a meme was so true and inspiring. I’m thinking of these categories, but being a slow worker, I’m still compiling titles :

  • Ten books I haven’t read and feel bad about it: obviously, my future choices should be inspired by this list, but don’t expect me to be consistent. I’ve procrastinated sometimes more than 10 years to avoid reading these titles, it might still take another decade before I eventually tackle these books and beat myself on the head if there are as wonderful as I’ve heard.
  • Ten books I haven’t read and feel quite alright about it, thank you: sometimes, overlooked titles aren’t anything to be guilty about. I’m old enough to say: no thanks, this is not for me. Remember when Charlotte said (I’m aware that you might not remember, but ahem, as I’m going public about my old taste of SATC – the series, not the movie, you’re not allowed to say: which Charlotte?): “I choose my choice”. Well, I do too!
  • Ten books I have read and feel bad about it: Expect the worst, the most shameful and shocking secrets revealed in this category. I’ve been there and back just so that you don’t need to read it. And sometimes, I don’t totally own my choices.
  • Ten books I have read and feel proud of it: Hey, sometimes lists are not all about beating yourself up for weakness and guilt. Yes, there are some books I’m proud of having really read because most of other people haven’t (I’m not speaking about pretending you have read all of Proust when you’ve just watched the movie). I’ll certainly indulge in a bit of snobbery here!

Do join the fun if these categories inspire you! I’ll be back with titles soon.


3 thoughts on “A Listless List State of Mind

  1. I can’t wait for your lists. I love the “ten books I’ve read and feel bad about.” It’s always so interesting to see how one persons favorite is hated by someone else. Of course, I always try to tread lightly on my “hates” because I’m so afraid to offend. Books are friends, after all, and one does not appreciate having ones friends dissed. (Nevertheless, I think I’ll plunge in on that one too.)

  2. Charlotte, I didn’t mean to offend you! Heat wave = List wave??

    Grad, thank you for your encouragement. I realize that “feeling bad” can have many meanings. Not only books I hated, but books I was offended by, not comfortable with, or books I have reluctantly read. I used to sum up the year with “worst books” as well as “best books”, but this is a very personal appreciation and last year I found no title “bad” enough to really bother with this category.

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