The Post Where I Come Back

Three weeks ago, it was ridiculously easy to fool myself and think that I would be reading and writing during my holidays, when in fact I just spent time with my family and visited new places and used every remaining free hour sleeping and doing plain nothing.

I didn’t write any book review and added 3 more books to my previous list of Books To Be Reviewed. Oy. And I brought back new books too, of course. Can’t seem to help myself. More oy 😉 They are mostly art books from museums we visited. I went crazy for Nordic painters this summer. I had first heard of them in 2007 thanks to this book: Sundborn, by Philippe Delerm. And although we didn’t quite make it to Skagen, one of the important artist colonies at the tip of Denmark (in the late 1870s until the turn of the 20C), we got to admire a lot of paintings by P. S. Kroyer, his wife Marie, his friends Christian Krohg and the couple Anna and Michael Ancher.

Do I regret it? No. I needed that time offline (I left computer AND mobile phone at home). Of course I missed reading friends’ posts but I knew they would be there upon my return. Denmark was great and Lübeck too. I felt so enthusiastic about my visit to Gunter Grass’ house in Lübeck that I went twice. Just to pore some more over his manuscripts and have a chance to read more material (all was in German, and although I can understand it fairly well, it takes me ages and I get frustrated). And in Denmark I got a library card and was introduced to the local lending system which amazed me. I wish I could live there and be fluent in Danish just to be able to go to the library. I’ll explain more in next posts and will add pictures as soon as I’ll finish unpacking my bags.

Oh, it’s good to be back!


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