Back-to-School Books… or Can You Spot a Trend ?

Holidays seem already so far away, fall is certainly around the corner. I don’t go to school anymore and my son is not of school age, yet September still means a new beginning to me (and perhaps some new stationery? I’m addicted to notebooks). Can you tell from the books I chose?

  • Are you there God? It’s Me, Margaret, by Judy Blume (1970)
  • Prep, by Curtis Sittenfeld (2005)

This week I found myself looking at books about teenaged girls and coming-of-age in school environment. I found myself thinking about a possible short story about teenaged girls (not to say I’ve written it yet, of course – things are slow on that front). This is rather new for me, and totally unexpected, because I’d dismissed this kind of subject before as rather ordinary and often cheesy or plain navel-gazing. I used to have a pet peeve against young women who’d show up at writers’ group and say that they were starting a novel about the difficulties of growing up. But, never say never, I liked Dani Noir by Nova Ren Suma a lot, so I’m set to continue.

Would you recommend another title?


One thought on “Back-to-School Books… or Can You Spot a Trend ?

  1. September signals a “new year” for me, too (and an excuse to buy stationery). I recommend “A Tree Grows in Brooklyn.” It’s not all about school, but school plays a central role, and it’s still one of my very favorite coming of age novels.

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