Who Wants to Play? (A Ghostly Collaborative Project)

Temperatures are dropping fast, and this morning while I was shivering on the train platform, I thought I’d rather have another kind of shivers… Ghost stories!

I’m not big on Reading Challenges (I miss the deadlines, I don’t stick to lists, I always hear about interesting ones when they finish…), but the RIP challenge hosted by Carl V has always been an inspiration for fall (and winter!) reading. Danielle reminded me of Shirley Jackson (serious suspense here!). Stefanie put me on the trail of M.R. James, a prolific Victorian short story writer in the genre.

Who would like to join me and write a short ghost story together? Inspired by the Literary Blog Relay I read over at Christine Zulka’s, the rules of the game are simple:

  • take turns to add a few (chilling) paragraphs to the story
  • start with the last sentence of the previous post. Then let your ghost-infused imagination run wild!
  • post it on your blog together with the links to the previous blogger
  • tag the next blogger in line.
  • don’t worry about big literature, it’s just for fun!

Wanna play along? The more the merrier, so drop me a line in the comments!

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