The Ghostly Collaborative Project: Let’s Get This Ball Rolling!

I’m terribly excited to launch the ghostly collaborative project today. Five other amazing partners-in-writing have agreed to join me in this adventure: a blog relay to write a ghost story all together. Thank you all and I hope we will have fun!

The story will:

  1.  start from here tomorrow and then circulate to:
  2. Stephanie from So Many Books
  3. Verbivore from Incurable Logophilia
  4. Then the story will come back here as Mr. Smithereens has agreed (did it take much convincing? I let you speculate) to write a part and it will be hosted here. Then it will move on to:
  5. Emily from Telecommuter Talk
  6. Courtney from Everything In Between

Ideally, the story should be finished by Halloween, so we got plenty of time, but remember, it’s a difficult job for the last participants to come up with a suitably terrifying conclusion! Please don’t forget to link to the previous part and to this post to let everyone have a smooth reading.

Ever since I came up with this idea, many possible ghost stories began to sprout in my brain. What would be a familiar but unsettling background? A lonely countryside house in the fog? A city pedestrian tunnel at night? A dark basement?  You’ll soon see by yourself. I have made my choice for the setting, but who knows where the other participants will take the story?

Now let me go back to my draft, and please come back here tomorrow for the first part of the story.


9 thoughts on “The Ghostly Collaborative Project: Let’s Get This Ball Rolling!

  1. I must say I am a little nervous because I have never written a ghost story before. I hope I don’t let anyone down! How much I am supposed to come up with on my turn? A certain number of sentences or just whatever seems right?

  2. Charlotte- I have a bit of stage fright right now! I hope my part will be inspiring…

    Emily- can’t wait to read your part too! Don’t stay hostage for too long, unless it helps your creativity!

    Stefanie- don’t worry, it’s only for fun, you won’t let anyone down! You just need to write as much as it inspires you, a few short paragraphs or the equivalent of a post, but in case it doesn’t inspire me, I’ll be to blame!

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