Kathy Reichs, Devil Bones (2008)

As some of you may know, France is right now in the middle of one of those low-grade strikes we are so well-known in the world for. Low-grade strike in public transportation, in public offices, including schools, blockades of some roads by truck drivers, of some harbors by harbor workers, of fuel depots that cater for oil stations.

The Smithereens family is grumpy because the disruptions have been dragging on for several weeks now, and while we don’t own a car and don’t suffer from oil shortage, we have to make do with over-crowded trains everyday, big delays and big uncertainty every morning whether the nanny will be able to show up. It’s all the more tiring that we can’t even make plans for the upcoming holidays. Grrrrr…

Excuse my French.

So these days, I need something easy to read during the commute. Something not to heavy, not too long and a book that does not mind being a bit mistreated in the crowd. But something highly distracting so that I will not lash out on my fellow commuters. A thriller, a mystery…

That’s how I came to Devil Bones, the book from the series from the book, with crime anthropologist Temperance Brennan. Actually, as we don’t have TV at home anymore, I’ve been kind of missing watching the series.

Of course, it’s a bit formulaic. But that’s comfort food, if you consider gory scientific details of post-mortem exams palatable enough. I’m embarked in an adventure with a couple of satanic murders (or allegations thereof) in Charlotte (NC), and Temperance takes me in an investigation on lesser-known religions such as Wicca, Santeria etc.. I enjoy seeing the pieces of the puzzle click together. I couldn’t be further than French public transportation. Brennan is efficient and cool under pressure. The book is efficient in its own style too, and I hope to remain cool under pressure too!


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