A Literary Weekend

The good thing about not having TV at home is that it becomes a treat when we go to a hotel for the weekend.

Yesterday was such a day (hurray for vacations we don’t have to cancel!), and I discovered a program called La Grande Librairie (The Big Bookshop, not Library, isn’t it pretty confusing?) on the cultural channel (France5, perhaps the equivalent of PBS?). We were treated with a special issue about US writers. I watched an interview of Philip Roth at his place and a meeting with Louise Erdrich in an independant bookstore in New York. I had never seen Louise Erdrich before (and I confess, never read her yet) and found her really beautiful! I know we’re not supposed to comment on a writer’s look, especially for a woman, but it was a real surprise to me. 

If you want to take a look (in French mainly), the program is available on their internet website for one week.

On a more French note, we spent a great weekend in Rouen and had lunch next to the statue of Flaubert. Gustave Flaubert is born in Rouen and spent many years there (which is not to say he loved it). Many scenes of Madame Bovary take place there. (Btw, Danielle has joined a readalong of Mme Bovary – make sure to read her notes!) Given the dubious portrait of the Normandy bourgeoisie, the appointed local heroin is rather Joan of Arc, but to me, I kept expecting a horse carriage with Emma and her lover in the narrow, cobbled streets near the Cathedral.

I hope you had a great Halloween weekend!


3 thoughts on “A Literary Weekend

  1. Did you know–did the show mention Louise Erdrich has her own bookshop in Minnesota? I’ve not read her either, but she is on my list of authors to get to! And she is a very striking woman! I’m ready to start part two now, after a non-reading weekend (how does that happen?) I am ready to get back to my books today! 🙂

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