Sorry Annie… A Book Giveaway

Sometimes I have to confess that some books just go above my head. I give them a fair try, but some are just not that into me. I’d never read any Annie Dillard before, and still intend to read Pilgrim at Tinker Creek one day. But my first try is not a success: I’ve officially given up on the essay of hers I’ve found on Bookmooch, named Living by Fiction.

As the cover says, “Annie Dillard shows why fiction matters and how it can reveal more of the modern world and modern thinking than all the academic sciences combined.” It’s an 1982 essay, but it reminded me of the recent post by Litlove on Arts vs. Science. I picked it up and tried, but to no avail. I’m not in the right mood, or perhaps the essay is way too abstract for me.  But I’m sure it will be interesting to a lot of other readers.

So I’m giving it away, hoping that the book will find a more patient and generous reader than I. I have it in my Bookmooch inventory: you’re welcome to mooch it there if you have an account – and of course if you haven’t yet discovered this great bartering platform, go and open an account! Or you can simply drop me a line and tell me if you’re interested.


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