Happy Literary Holidays!

I’m currently in an Actifed-induced torpor (due to a huge cold that was born on the 24th and really flourished over the weekend – yes, I am a red-nosed reindeer!) and unable to compose a half-decent post about books (even if guilt is still gnawing at me for the books finished in 2010 that I have yet to review… the hope of achieving this before 2011 is fading away by the minute).

So I’ll just say Merry Christmas for those of you who are celebrating this weekend, and happy holidays to everyone! I hope Santa brought loads of books to you too, because I sure was spoiled in this area (plus, I got a warm “béret”, a cashmere jumper and a wrap, maybe a telling sign that I should wear warmer clothes…)

  • Marc Dugain, En bas, les nuages: one of my favorite French writers, in a collection of 7 linked stories.
  • Jean-Noël Liaut, Karen Blixen: a biography centered on her years in Africa
  • Sofi Oksanen, Purge: a novel translated from the finnish by a young female writer of Estonian descent. Apparently a huge success in many countries, it has received a major literary prize in France
  • Renée Elkaim-Bollinger, De bouche à oreille: a ABC essay around food and pleasure of gastronomy. Perhaps typically French, or just universal, I don’t know yet.
  • Margaux Motin, La théorie de la contorsion. A girly graphic book by a French female graphic designer who is a mother, a daughter, a wife, a Parisian fashion lover, a blogger, and many other things. I laughed at her girly and yet not totally glamour design (she can jump from a fart to Louboutin high heels in a second, don’t expect high brow philosophy).

I have abandoned any attempt at finishing the 2 big books still lingering on my night-table and reverted to a great hit in comfort reading: an Inspector Barnaby mystery, The Killings at Badger’s Drift, written by Caroline Graham, and kindly offered by the ever generous Litlove.

I will be far away from my computer from Tuesday to Saturday, so I hope everyone enjoys some quiet time to read and reflect on their reading in 2010 and 2011! I’m thinking hard about my favorites for the year, but I’ll wait until the cold-and-Actifed fog is lifted to announce them.


3 thoughts on “Happy Literary Holidays!

  1. Sorry to hear you’re ill, but it sounds like you have some nice new warm clothes to snuggle up in. Enjoy your week off and hope you enjoy the rest of your holiday season! And I have that Caroline Graham mystery on my pile as well so hope to hear how you liked it!

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