2010 in First Lines

First of all, happy new year to everyone! But please let me linger a few more minutes in the previous year, just the time for me to revisit each month of 2010, in the manner of Charlotte’s and Pete’s tradition.

What I like about this meme is that it revels blogs under a new light: from what I collect here, you would hardly think that this blog is about books! No, I usually don’t spend my time traveling, watching TV and giving myself excuses for not reading this or that. And graphic novels are the exceptions rather than my ordinary fare. Quite a few first lines are about writing too, but except for blogging and for the Ghostly Collaborative project (that I enjoyed tremendously), I didn’t do much in reality on the writing front. That is one of my major challenges for 2011.

December: I joined the Reverb Challenge, a monthly event in December to reflect on the past year and start thinking about the next. [in case you’re interested, it was great fun and a very interesting experience, albeit very personal and obviously private] 

November: The good thing about not having TV at home is that it becomes a treat when we go to a hotel for the weekend.

October: I’m terribly excited to launch the ghostly collaborative project today.

September: Not only did I visit a Danish library during my holidays, but I got a user card and learnt firsthand how Danes use their local library!

August: In a few days, we’ll be heading north.

July: I must say I’m in awe. (It was about Posy Simmonds’ graphic novel Gemma Bovery)

June: Let’s dispel a myth before breakfast: mangas are not always about robots that save the world, cold-blooded androids and shirt-skirted heroins with super powers.

May: In 1922 Jeanne, an independent-minded French woman in her mid-thirties, embarks onboard the Ernest Renan to China, alone, with a heavy heart.

April: I’m normally not a reader of young adult, teen or tween books.

March: Last week, Mr. Smithereens and I were in Madrid.

February: When I heard that 2010 was the Year of Russia in France (it’s a cross-cultural initiative by French and Russian foreign ministries), I couldn’t resist ordering some Russian books, via Bookmooch.

January: The holidays have been quite different from what I’ve imagined, blog-wise and book-wise.

Now I’m ready to step into 2011. I hope you are too, armed with stacks of (old and new) books and the best literary intentions!


4 thoughts on “2010 in First Lines

  1. Happy New Year to you and Mr Smithereens! Sounds like a very busy and well-travelled year. Wishing you lots of interesting literary travels in 2011 too.

  2. Charlotte – yes, it made me laugh! A subconscious persona, perhaps? All the best for 2011!

    Litlove – happy new year to you too! looking forward to reading your blog throughout 2011!

    Pete – thanks and best wishes to you and your family, I dare not say it will be quieter!

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