A while ago, the lovely Michelle from Incurable Logophilia announced that she was writer in residence for Necessary fiction this February. I had the honor and pleasure to work with her: she has translated a story of mine: Social Experiment. Check it out there!

It was a double pleasure to participate to this project. First of all, because it’s not that often that one of my stories get out there, to be honest. I have written this story a few years ago and I’m quite happy for the opportunity to be read by a wider audience. The second pleasure was to see Michelle’s translation at work. This story has been written in French and I have had the opportunity to see two of Michelle’s drafts, so that I could see how careful she was to get all the details and implications. It made me think hard about what I wanted to convey when I wrote it (with the interval of a few years’ time, it wasn’t always so easy!).

Michelle’s creativity was hard at work for the title, because in French the story is called “Familistère”: this obviously didn’t work in English because such a concept doesn’t exist. It’s a 19th century building designed to house a utopian community who wanted to live and work together. I hope you enjoy it and read other texts translated or written by Michelle!


3 thoughts on “Exciting!

  1. The honor was mine – thank you for writing such a wonderful short story and giving me the chance to translate it. I certainly hope we’ll get the chance to work together again like this.

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