Anne Lamott, Grace (Eventually) (2007)

God knows I have a weakness for Anne Lamott. The latest book I read of her, Grace eventually, is as great and comforting as before, so I’m going to say it once again and be done with it: I’m so grateful that her books came into my hands. My favorites are Bird by Bird, of course, and Operating Instructions, on her son’s first year.

Grace Eventually, as you can guess, is not for cynics, but it’s not reserved for Christians either: basically it’s for anyone who looks for a little compassion and graceful kindness in every day life. I don’t mean to upset anyone with undue comparisons, but in my mind she’s not too far from another spiritual woman I admire in a completely different religion, Karen Maezen Miller, except that Lamott’s true self is more neurotic and turbulent.

Lamott’s appeal lies in her friendly voice and her utter honesty. She has passionate views about abortion, euthanasia,… and George Bush, so of course it’s not for everyone in America, but here in Europe it suits me fine. Her view of the world seems to me, at times, so typically, outrageously American that I have to laugh, but I’m not mocking her, I’m just acknowledging that good people come in different packages around the world.

Although I am not a religious person, struggling between atheism and agnosticism (but interested in spirituality), I have to laugh when she writes: “Sometimes I think that Jesus watches my neurotic struggles, and shakes his head and grips his forehead and starts tossing back mojitos.” I might not know where I stand related to Jesus, but I know where I stand regarding humor, great writing… and mojitos.


7 thoughts on “Anne Lamott, Grace (Eventually) (2007)

  1. I too love Anne Lamott and Karen Maezen Miller Operating Instructions and Zen Momma are books I like to give as gifts to new mothers….

  2. I love love love Anne Lamott but if you can believe it the one book I haven’t read is Operating Instructions! I really need to get it…I hear it’s great entertainment/comfort for a new mother!

  3. Operating Instructions was the first Anne Lamott book that I read. LOVED it! I read Grace, Eventually a few year ago and wasn’t that enamored of it. Not sure why, but I think it might have been the sameness of each of the essays. Had I read them individually, rather than cover to cover as I did, I might have liked it more. I had heard her read some of these essays just before the book was published and I seemed to like it then. She is in person just as one might expect from her writing — humorous, kind, a bit neurotic, very funny.

    • I would LOVE to hear her read one day! (perhaps not spending a week’s holidays with her though, because she does sound a bit neurotic indeed). Have you read Bird by Bird?

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