Larkin’s Beauty

Sometimes when days go by like a long tunnel of wet, cold darkness, I just grab a poetry book and open it at any given page, like when some people open the Bible and will read the first verse as a prophecy for the day.

I don’t know how I came to get this book, a York Notes on The Whitsun Weddings. For sure I never studied Larkin’s poems, it’s only very recently that I first heard of his name. This week I skipped the commentaries to go to the poems themselves. This spoke to me and made my day:

[…] Here silence stands

Like heat. Here leaves unnoticed thicken,

Hidden weeds flower, neglected waters quicken,

Luminously-peopled air ascends; […]

It’s from the poem “Here”. It made me pause and look with fresh eyes around me, instead of scurrying off to some chore or errand. I wish you a weekend full of luminously-peopled air!


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