Liza Cody, Stalker (1984)

Incidentally, it’s not that often that I got to review two books with the exact same title within one year. The other stalker was American, from Faye Kellerman, and couldn’t be further away from this one. Brackets closed.

I was eager to reconnect with Anna Lee, the no-nonsense British PI I’d met in Dupe. Reconnecting with a heroine, even a tough, sassy one as Anna Lee always gives me a sense of comfort. This investigation was interesting (antiques dealing and poaching) and I was happy enough to follow Anna outside London to criss-cross the countryside, but I’ll confess it: perhaps I was too exhausted, perhaps it was a nasty virus, perhaps I’m being stupid, but I’m not sure I understood the resolution of this mystery. And I kept waiting for a stalker to appear while I guess Anna was the one doing most of the stalking. She doggedly kept asking questions about someone who’d disappeared and whom very few people were interested to find again.

I guess it’s meant to show a very realistic account of what PI endure in their everyday job (and what’s more, if you’re a female PI you have to endure mysogynist colleagues and boss on top of everything). It makes a career in accounting glamorous in comparison. A real heart-warmer this Anna.

Now if she could be so nice as to hand me another Ibuprofen…


2 thoughts on “Liza Cody, Stalker (1984)

  1. I’m sorry you’re poorly – we are a bit of a plague ship here, too! I was interested to read your review as I’ve been havering over reading Liza Cody and I’m fairly sure I own one of her novels. I will try her when we are all feeling better! Take care of yourself.

  2. Thanks! I’m much better now (nothing like a long weekend out of town to help you refocus). I suspect you might like Anna Lee very much. Let me know if you try it! (and I hope you’re getting better as well!)

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