Kathryn Miller Haines, When Winter Returns (2010)

Dear Rosie,

What happened? We were great pals since 2009 and you were among my favorite books that year! And now, it seems that years of war have rubbed on you and left you a bit exhausted. Where is your spark, your energy? I would recommend some vitamins, only they are perhaps rationed in your 1943 New York…

I followed your first two adventures with glee, and I readily confess that I gave your overseas stint in the USO a miss, as I wasn’t tempted by the exotic climate of the Pacific islands. I was hoping that upon your return you would go back to your New York gangsters friends and your intrigues behind the Broadway scene.

Alas! You and your BFF Jayne (and your arch-nemesis Ruby) are blackballed from any stage job after your previous adventures, so much of the action here is still related to what had happened in the Pacific and so much of the fun was lost on me (my own fault, right, but I feel that there should be some warning that you really must read the series in order to enjoy it).

Then your obsession with lies and secrets is rather too heavily symbolic of the war period and the rather unoriginal moral that a web of lies even spun with the best intentions will end up badly for the liar felt a bit out of character from you. I get it that war events have made you grow into a darker woman, but I wasn’t expecting a pre-Mad Men melancholia from you. I’m a bit worried for you Rosie. Are you depressed? Are we talking mid-life (mid-war) crisis?

Please, Rosie, go back on stage, show girl, have a cocktail one me and let your energy and sassy wit sparkle again!


2 thoughts on “Kathryn Miller Haines, When Winter Returns (2010)

  1. It sounds as though Rosie is having an off-story…. I just had the first book in my hand as I was sorting through a bin of mysteries–must pull it out I see. Hope you and the Smithereens family are having a wonderful Holiday! 🙂

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