While I wasn’t here…

Note of March 10: There was a glitch somewhere I was so distracted last week that this post never got published and remained in my drafts! This post was originally written one week ago. Apologies are obviously due.


This might actually become a recurrent theme, because my.. well… real life has turned a bit hectic and my literary life can hardly keep up. I won’t enter into details, a bullet post is exactly what I need:

Since the last blog post, Smithereens has:

  1. got a new job in a new field
  2. not got rid of the old job (although very much looking forward to… anyone interested? Mmh, this is not the kind of job offer my boss would love)
  3. got the flu: the real one with plenty of temperature, leaving you frail and unable to concentrate (esp. on any kind of job, old or new, for more than 10 minutes, much to the dismay of a new boss who thought he’s taken an intelligent human being on board)
  4. escaped for a long-planned holidays to the seaside (despite the very very bad timing), together with her work computer, of course (so grateful of wifi connection)
  5. staid in a hotel for detectives (and crime fiction lovers)
  6. met the ghost of a mysterious literary gentleman
  7. got over her gloomy reading blah
  8. read many books and formed countless blog posts in her mind about them, but none that actually reached the computer.

See you whenever I can!


2 thoughts on “While I wasn’t here…

  1. Bear up! Things will get better — if they haven’t already. I often get a flu or other real-enough illness after a stressful period or a big decision. It must have something to do with the immune system.

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