A brief interruption

I’m off for a week to Portugal, homeland of Pessoa, Andrade and Camoens and… mmh, my Portuguese culture only takes me so far. I don’t know much about Portugal except for clichés, but for some reasons I have a strong nostalgia of Macau, the last of Portuguese territories overseas, and the last of European territories in Asia.

I’m leaving with some related literature:

  • Robert Wilson, A small death in Lisbon
  • Philippe Pons, Macao

Can you recommend any other book set in Lisbon or written by a Portuguese writer?

But I couldn’t stop at only two books, could I? So, I take a cosy mystery by Carolyn Hart, the first of the Death on Demand series. And my dear husband chose a love story for me by Peter Ackroyd. Mmh, four books in one week, that’s a bit too much, but I really can’t choose. See you soon!


2 thoughts on “A brief interruption

  1. We had a very pleasant visit to Portugal, but I cannot claim any literary experiences. Try the soup and the bread — they were excellent. Also enjoy the ceramic tiles both inside and outside the buildings.

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