An Experiment in Writing

It’s time that I share my newest idea: just sit down and write! What a breakthrough! Mmh, perhaps I should present it under a better light:

In the new circumstances I have now at work and the little free time I have, how am I going to fit some writing into the picture?

Perhaps a regular schedule will help. I usually write during naps on weekends but it’s hard to not check the Internet and mails. And as the summer days are finally arriving, I want to go out and do other things as well. So I have decided to have one evening on weekdays where I will be writing and try to steer away from DVDs, other blogs, magazines, Pinterest, Facebook and all that crazy distraction out there. I guess Mr. Smithereens will be grateful to get hold of the remote control for once.

Blog posts will be allowed, but free writing on anything, non-fiction, journaling, fiction, will get bonus points. And I’ll report it here just to let you know about my little experiment.

Yay for Writing Wednesdays!

PS. Effective from yesterday.


4 thoughts on “An Experiment in Writing

  1. It’s so hard to begin again, isn’t it? But this sounds like a really sensible and do-able way to begin. Once you remember how much you enjoy it, you’ll be well away!

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