Writing Wednesday Report #1

We’re already half-way towards the next Wednesday Writing session, but I want to report that everything went great for my first session. Surprisingly great.

I had started with low energy levels due to the usual daily routine = crazy job day + hectic commute + giving S. junior his bath + cooking dinner, which inevitably ends up in a general slump towards 7.30 pm and a gigantic craving for something light to watch on telly.

No! Resist! Look at that bright shiny computer waiting for you! (insert big internal fight between my id, ego and superego – perhaps Freud had Writing Wednesday sessions too)

I decided to start slow with some long-overdue typing, since I have lots of long-hand writing projects lying here and there and whose big excuse for not getting finished is: “I need to (find the time to) type them”. And as soon as I had finished typing the half-page, I was warmed up and I was able to write another three-quarter of a page. It was elating.

I’ll probably end up posting this bit here when I have finished, but it’s a kind of memoir about jams, strawberries, motherhood, transmission and homemaking.

I have a strong belief in the power of (on-line) community, making oneself accountable and healthy emulation to sustain motivation, so if you want to join me in this Writing Wednesday experience, please drop me a line!


12 thoughts on “Writing Wednesday Report #1

  1. Writing Wednesday is a marvelous idea! I haven’t been writing at all for months. I just didn’t feel I had anything I wanted to say. But writing is really like exercise, isn’t it? The more I don’t get out and move my old bones, the more I don’t feel like getting out to move them. I will give your Writing Wednesdays a try. I might just sit there, fingers poised on the keyboard…or maybe I’ll really will be creative…or maybe I’ll just type out my recipe for chicken soup.

  2. Hooray! Glad it went well and good for you for sticking to it even though you weren’t feeling like it. Keep it up! And by the way, the phot of the jam and bread is giving me a craving!

  3. I love this new writing schedule and am sending you lots of energy and motivation. And definitely looking forward to your jam essay – hoping you will inspire me to write some non-fiction myself!

  4. Lovely coincidence since I’ve just had some jam on toast (before I even saw your post with that yummy pic). I would also love to write a few times a week but I never seem to sustain my writing efforts. Perhaps “Writing on Wednesdays” is the prompt I need. Good luck with yours. Sounds like a great exercise.

  5. I just love this idea of Writing Wednesday. I wish I’d thought of it back in the day when I always complained I never had time to write (wait a minute, that’s today. It seems I still never have — enough — time to write). The picture looks good enough to eat!

  6. I do love this idea! I’ve recently been in a slump and telling it all into a vacuum of white noise. May I join you in this endeavor?

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