Writing Wednesdays Report #3

Oh my. I’d briefly given a thought to Writing Wednesdays on Tuesday, while I remembered just how many books I have still not reviewed here. But yesterday, life just got in the way. My doctor confirmed that I had a nasty virus-related angina, that my body is supposed to fend off by itself. Net result: I was just dragging myself.

Oh but, stop, I’m just reminded that blogs are not about moaning and grumbling (even when the writer is French). My body needed comfort food and could not bear the idea of staying any longer in front of a screen (tv or computer). And then it was 8:30pm, Smithereens’ home was full of the heavenly smell of warm banana bread in the oven and I was in PJ on my way to bed.

But, dear reader, I took a pen and a notebook with me and I did write! I wrote one page long-hand, in bed, not caring to pause or review (I could not), and I added some more words to a long-neglected story (in French — the angina had stolen all my English-speaking neurones). I don’t know if those words are any good, but they made me feel not so bad after all.


3 thoughts on “Writing Wednesdays Report #3

  1. So sorry that you are poorly – sounds nasty! Do rest up lots, and keep the notebook at your side. Resting is a good way of seeing what floats up from the mind, and doubtless there’ll be good material there.

  2. So sorry you aren’t feeling well. Good for you for managing a handwritten page anyway! Banana bread sounds really good. Hope it helped you feel a bit better!

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